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Manchester, NH Car Accident Lawyers

Car Accidents in New HampshireAuto Accident

U.S. auto accident statistics are staggering. According to recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Data, Americans average roughly six million auto accidents each year. Three million people are injured on our nation’s roads, and more than 40,000 are killed annually. Almost everyone has been or knows someone who has been involved in a car accident. But the fact that car accidents are common does not mean that they are harmless. The New Hampshire car accident attorneys at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. have significant experience litigating car accident cases of all types. If you have been injured in a car accident, contact Tenn And Tenn for a free and confidential case appraisal.

Car Accidents are Costly

The New Hampshire Department of Transportation reports that in this state alone, there are about 15,000 injury crashes each year. These accidents can be costly for the victims. Just one year of New Hampshire fatal motor vehicle accidents cost $143 million in medical bills and lost wages alone.

Legal Help for Accident Victims

Victims of car accidents have legal options under New Hampshire Law. A person injured in an accident caused by a negligent driver may file a civil claim or negligence lawsuit. To win, the plaintiff must prove:

  1. The other driver (the defendant in the case) owed a duty of care to the plaintiff;
  2. The defendant breached that duty owed; and
  3. The other driver’s breach was the proximate cause of the plaintiff's injuries.

All drivers on New Hampshire roads have a duty to drive reasonably, which means no texting, aggressive driving, or speeding. A driver who breaches this duty by driving below the standard of care can be held liable to any person injured.

In New Hampshire, legal claims must be filed no later than three years from the date of the injury. It is important to speak to an attorney as soon as practicable after a car accident. The longer you wait to file your claim, the harder it may be to collect the necessary evidence.

Not all car accidents are caused by another driver. Some are caused by dangerous road conditions or even faulty automotive components. No matter the cause, those responsible for the accident and subsequent injuries may be held liable, even if you are partly at fault. Determining who is at fault for a car crash can be complicated, so contact an experienced injury attorney if you are not sure of the cause of your collision.

Two Types of Compensatory Damages are Available

An injured driver is entitled to compensatory damages under New Hampshire law. Damages that reimburse the plaintiff for things such as hospital bills, property damage, or lost salary/wages are called economic damages. Plaintiffs can also claim noneconomic damages, which are intended to compensate victims for things like emotional distress, pain and suffering or loss of consortium.

Trust our Team of Experienced New Hampshire Injury Lawyers

At Tenn And Tenn, our New Hampshire car accident lawyers have helped many car crash victims and their families recover damages for their injuries. If you have been involved in a car accident, contact us at (603) 624-3700 or online for your free and confidential case appraisal.

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Attorney Tenn obtained a significant financial resolution which covered all the medical bills and provided significant compensation for my wife's injuries. If you need the best personal injury lawyers in NH, Tenn And Tenn has our highest endorsement. Paul H.