Motorcycle Accidents
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What is My Case Worth?

Manchester NH Motorcycle Injury AttorneysWhat's my Motorcycle Injury Case Worth?What is My Case Worth?

Motorcycle riders are exposed to the possibility of great bodily harm when a motorcycle collision occurs. All motorcyclists would prefer to avoid any accident on their motorcycle, avoid the pain and suffering, the permanent scars and injuries, and the insurance company hassles. If you are involved in an accident however, you are probably curious as to what amount of money you might be entitled to as compensation for your injuries. You are probably eager to get back on your feet, ease some of the financial pressure, and put your accident behind you so you can move on with your life. The New Hampshire motorcycle accident attorneys at Motorcycle Accident Lawyers are experienced in helping injured bikers obtain full, fair, and adequate compensation for their losses.

Serious Motorcycle Injuries

Motorcyclists generally sustain much more severe injuries than someone involved in an automobile accident. This is especially true in New Hampshire where many riders do not wear helmets when they ride. Our New Hampshire based Motorcycle Accident Lawyers understand that in most motorcycle accident cases, there are multiple injuries, long lasting effects from these injuries, as well as physiological effects from such a traumatic event.

Motorcycle Accidents are Expensive

Motorcycle accidents in New Hampshire can be very expensive due to the seriousness of the injuries sustained and the long recovery time involved. These factors are relevant when evaluating the amount of a settlement or award. Other factors to be considered include the nature and extent of the injuries, the mental, physical and emotional impact on your life, the severity of the pain and suffering you have experienced, and your lost wages incurred.

General Damages & Special Damages

The damages recovered in a motorcycle case are generally broken down into two categories - "general damages" and "special damages". "General damages" include the amount of your lost wages, loss of a promotion to a higher job position, increases in costs for daily life due to your injuries (such as cleaning, shopping etc.), inability to take part in your sports and hobbies, and of course your pain and suffering. Pain and suffering is the most difficult aspect to place a value on in any case. "Special damages" include all your medical and hospital bills, prescriptions, child care, transportation to doctor appointments, physical therapy, and ambulance costs, among others. Special damages are easier to calculate as they can often be proven with bills and receipts.

Putting a Dollar Amount on Your Case

Once your medical treatment has ended, our experienced NH motorcycle accident lawyers will put a specific dollar amount on the damages incurred in your motorcycle accident case. The more accurate and specific the evidence is, the more accurately we can predict exactly what amount of settlement or monetary award you may be expecting. Valuing your motorcycle accident case is not an easy task. Our New Hampshire based motorcycle accident lawyers will help you receive maximum compensation under the law.

Client Reviews
Attorney Tenn obtained a significant financial resolution which covered all the medical bills and provided significant compensation for my wife's injuries. If you need the best personal injury lawyers in NH, Tenn And Tenn has our highest endorsement. Paul H.