James J. Tenn, Jr, Mary Elizabeth Tenn, John J. Tenn
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New Hampshire Personal Injury AttorneysClient Testimonials Personal Injury Testimonials

From the very first phone call with Tenn And Tenn, until the day my motorcycle accident case was settled, John and his terrific staff have been nothing short of amazing. The motorcycle accident lawyers at Tenn And Tenn are the best injury lawyers in New Hampshire. They updated me frequently on the status of my case, answered all my question and made me feel comfortable every step of the way.

John Tenn is a fantastic trial lawyer and, as a biker himself, knows more about motorcycles than anyone you will ever meet. His knowledge of motorcycles and the law as it relates to motorcycle accidents is second to none. John never gave up on me, even when the insurance company said the accident was my fault. The most important thing to me was that the lawyers at Tenn and Tenn believed in me and never stopped fighting for me. I would highly recommend Tenn and Tenn to anyone involved in a motorcycle accident.

-Mark P.

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Elderly Woman Injured Due to Assisted Caregiver's Negligence

Catherine is an elderly woman suffering from dementia who was living on her own in New Hampshire. Catherine's family hired a 24-hour caregiver to stay with Catherine in her home and assist with her daily needs. Catherine fell one evening while attempting to get out of bed. At the time of her fall, rather than supervising Catherine, the caregiver was in another room watching television. Catherine broke her hip in the fall.

Catherine underwent surgery to place a metal rod in her hip as a result of this fall. She was then referred to physical therapy and occupational therapy to help with her recovery. Sadly, due to the severity of her injuries, Catherine remained confined to a wheelchair. As a result of Catherine's fall, she could no longer live alone and was moved to a long-term assisted living facility. Catherine's surgery, visits to physical and occupational therapy, and her move into an assisted living facility caused her and her family to incur thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Attorney Tenn initiated a claim against the negligent caregiver and successfully attained a significant and confidential financial recovery for Catherine. The personal injury settlement provided compensation to cover the medical bills and expenses, along with full compensation for the pain and suffering Catherine endured due to her injuries.

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I tried dealing with the insurance company myself to settle my own motorcycle case. The process was a nightmare. I called Tenn & Tenn and John scheduled an immediate appointment with me. While we were in his office, he picked up the phone and contacted the insurance adjustor, and with one phone call my motorcycle damage was resolved and a check was in the mail. And, when I finished all my medical treatment, John presented my case to the insurance company and pushed for a fantastic settlement. If I am ever in another motorcycle accident I will never try to handle it myself again. John and his staff are true professionals and understand the ins and outs of a motorcycle accident case. Having a true motorcycle injury specialist on your side is an incredible advantage and takes all the pressure off from having to try to go it alone. These lawyers are highly recommended for any biker involved in a motorcycle crash.

-Chris L.

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I would strongly recommend Jim and John Tenn for any motorcycle injury case in New Hampshire. Jim and John are longtime riders and great guys. I met them at a motorcycle event. They were great to talk to and have a true passion for motorcycles. When I got injured in a motorcycle accident, Jim and John were the first and only lawyers I called. I cannot express my sincere gratitude to Tenn and Tenn for their help, judgment and terrific legal guidance.

-Matt R.

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John Tenn represented me after my motorcycle accident in October 2009. John is professional and extremely knowledgeable of the law and negotiating with insurance companies. He promptly returned all my calls and kept me fully informed of the status of my claim. John negotiated for a settlement on my injury claim which was higher than my expectations! I highly recommend John Tenn to anyone seeking legal advice following a motorcycle accident in NH.


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Jim and John: I write to say thank you for all of your hard work in representing me following my severe motorcycle accident case in June at Bike Week in Laconia NH. When I was lying in the hospital bed, I thought my life was over. I am forever grateful for having been referred to you for representation. And, the mere fact that you took the time to come visit me in the hospital meant so much to me and I knew at that very moment that I was in good hands. You guided me through every step of my medical recovery and pushed the insurance company to a wonderful settlement. I cannot express how truly happy I am with all of your good advice, wonderful representation and friendship.


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Dear John,

Jim and I want to thank you for everything that you did for us. What we are talking about goes far beyond the financial settlement. We are so thankful for the respect and advice that you gave us and the concern and support that you showed us during the eighteen months following the accident. When this accident occurred, our entire lives were turned upside down. For more than six months, absolutely nothing was the same in our lives. We have often said that one of the best decisions that we made after was to seek counsel from you. When my son and I met with Mary and you two days after the accident, we were in shock from the accident. We were very concerned about the injuries to Jim as well as the legal ramifications because of the severity of the accident. Although we knew that Jim had done absolutely nothing wrong, we were very scared because of the magnitude of the accident. The information mary and you gave us concerning what we should expect from the medical, legal and insurance communities immediately put us at ease. You and Mary immediately gave Adam and me direction in terms wof what we needed to be concerned about and what we needed to do as well as what we should just take off our plates and turn over to you.

For the first six months following the accident, we were overwhelmed with the medical issues. We were so thankful that we did not have to deal with any of the legal or health or automobile insurance issues. Without your guidance, we realize that we would probably have made some bad decisions merely because we were tired of the entire situation.

We will always remember how respectfully we were treated. At our first meeting it was very clear to Adam and I that your number one priority was to get Jim as healthy as possible. Over the eighteen months, that objective never changed. You took a very scary and emotional situation and made it less overwhelming and more manageable. You gave us the time we needed to fully understand the ramifications of the accident. Throughout the eighteen months you were always available to us to address our concerns. When Jim was struggling, you supported and encouraged him. Thank you for helping us through this very difficult time. Thank you for a job very well done.

Now as far as the settlement is concerned, Jim and I never knew how much fun it would be to have so much money! Pre-accident, we had planned for bathroom renovations and placed them on hold. Post settlement, I have somehow introduced some renovations to the kitchen as well. After thirty seven years of teaching, I am definitely retiring in June. (Yippee!) We are planning to take a celebration vacation in Hawaii next fall. More importantly, Jim and I do feel a sense of relief that the accident is behind us. We are aware of the adjustments that we need to make in our daily lives. We both know how furtunate we are.


Jim and Sue

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I would like to express how much John Tenn and his wonderful staff helped me out of a very stressful situation. My statute of limitations was about to run out on a car accident i was in from almost 3 years ago. Being burnt by a lawyer in the past I figured by reading up on what I needed to do I could handle it myself. Then realizing almost too late that I was in way over my head and I should have never assumed I could take care of this myself, I figured I had to try to find someone who could help. At first I wasn't sure if anyone could help seeing as I only had a little over a month to get everything done. I turned to John Tenn, hoping he coul dhelp me out of this mess. Sure enough John and his excellent staff were absolute miracle workers and I ended up with a wonderful settlement. I couldn't have asked for a better Lawyer. I can't thank him enough for taking on such a chore and making it a priority. I finally have closure on this 3 year financial and emotional rollercoaster. The settlement is a wonderful extra but the peace of mind of not having to deal with this again is the best part. Thank you once again for all of your extraordinary help in this matter.

Marisa B

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Family Law Testimonials

Jim Tenn is unlike any other lawyer you will meet.

I first met Jim when my life was falling apart. It was clear even at that first meeting, that he was genuinely interested in helping me out, felt ownership of my divorce case, showed genuine compassion, and was a real partner with me throughout the entire process. Jim worked tirelessly for me, and on behalf of my two children to get the best possible results in a case fraught with difficulties and unnecessary complications.

He is always very well prepared for court.

The level of respect flourished upon Jim by the court and the legal community is obvious. He abhors courtroom drama, represents the facts and gets to the point rapidly when arguing your case; qualities appreciated by busy Judges and Marital Masters.

For me though, the biggest and most important qualities Jim brings to the table are ethics. Jim doesn’t resort to trickery or deception - he is laser focused on doing the right thing, always - a strategy that undoubtedly pays off time and time again as his happy client list will no doubt attest.

At what is undoubtedly the lowest point in your life, you need someone who has your back and protects your interests while you’re frantically trying to keep things together. Jim Tenn is the man to hire.


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I want to thank you for all your guidance, knowledge and expertise during what was one of the most challenging times in my life. I can't thank you and your team enough for handling my Divorce.


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Dear Mary,

It was so great to find in New Hampshire a Harvard-trained attorney with Boston experience in personal and corporate affairs! I cannot thank you enough for your superior legal knowledge and advice, along with compassionate and heartfelt support during my long divorce process. Such a pleasure it was to deal with you - a forthright, bright, energetic, and skilled attorney! You were always there when needed, even sometimes after hours.

You and your staff are thoroughly professional, experienced, and accurate. The occasional team approach with your brother Jim (Tenn) provided worthy input to my case.

I highly recommend Tenn and Tenn to others in need of the best advice.

My thanks always,


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I want to thank Tenn And Tenn, specifically Mary Tenn, for her support and guidance in dealing with an extremely complex family matter. It has been an emotional roller coaster for me and it was important to have someone to rely on, who was able to explain the system, and help me work toward a favorable outcome.

I am particularly appreciative to Mary for her honest approach, realistic assessments and professionalism in dealing with me, the petitioner, the Guardian ad Litem, and the Court. Mary returned my calls promptly, answered my questions respectfully, never left me in the dark wondering what was happening in my case.

I am grateful for all of the hard work Mary did for me and my son and our future looks bright.

I would not hesitate to recommend Tenn And Tenn to my family and friends.


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Over the past 18 months, Jim Tenn dedicated himself completely to my divorce case and treated it as if it were his own. He is tenacious, extremely well organized and makes the best use of your time and his. In my case my ex had gotten off to a head start in planning and executing her plans for divorce while I had been trying to work things out and was ‘hoping for the best' so I needed to catch up fast. Under Jim's guidance I was able to meet my ex's allegations head on and not only did Jim get me a settlement that was better than I expected but he restored my confidence a great deal as well.

He even met with me on weekends, all because he wanted to be sure his client was satisfied with where the case was going. How's that for dedication? The guy is incredible and I can't say enough good things about him.

For those looking for an A List Attorney who has a great supporting staff my advice is you cannot go wrong with Tenn And Tenn, P.A.


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Jim and Mary, I am sending along this note to thank you for your wonderful guidance and help during my very difficult and messy divorce. Despite all of the mental and emotional turmoil that was taking place in my personal life, you were always there for me to turn to and rely upon when I needed help. Watching you represent me in court gave me every confidence that justice would be served, and it was. Thank you for helping me in my darkest hour with my divorce and thank you for being there for myself and my children. I am forever grateful.


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Jim is an excellent and very thorough divorce attorney who examined every possible aspect of my case. I found his knowledge of the law and his courtroom capabilities to be outstanding. He deserves the reputation that he has as one of New Hampshire Super Lawyers. It is very comforting having an attorney whom you can trust during difficult personal issues. Jim Tenn is that lawyer. Thank you for all your help Jim.


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Jim Tenn represented me in my divorce in 2007-2008. Throughout the course of this frequently contentious case, Jim was always professional, courteous, and informative. We developed a personal and professional rapport that continues to the present day. Also, his fees were very fair and clearly explained to me whenever I had any questions. Further, his office staff was top-notch and did a great job relaying information to Jim whenever I had concern or question that they could not answer immediately. Jim returned my calls promptly and kept me fully informed of the progress and status of my case. Overall, although a divorce is not typically a pleasant experience, I could not have asked for a more competent and compassionate advocate and friend. I would highly recommend Jim Tenn and his law firm for anyone needing legal representation.

-Dave R.

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DWI and Criminal Defense Testimonials

There are no words that can express the thanks for your efforts and success from my family and I in lifting this burden from us. Needless to say, we are very happy with the dismissal of our son's DWI case. You turned this into a very valuable learning experience for him that otherwise would have been extremely damaging. Our son is a very fortunate young man that has learned a huge lesson. Many thanks.

-Linda and Paul

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I was charged with an Aggravated DWI in the Nashua District Court and was facing jail time and an 18 month loss of license. My breath test results were a .26 blood alcohol level. The penalties would have changed my life forever. I contacted John Tenn and met with him to discuss my Aggravated DWI charge. The confidence and experience John projected gave me hope. He handled every aspect of my case with true professionalism and with the utmost respect for me. His expertise and experience, coupled with his never say “quit” attitude, resulted in a reduced charge and minimum penalties, which allowed me to continue living my life as I knew it. Without reservation, I would strongly recommend John Tenn if you are facing a DWI charge in NH.


I am sending along this note to thank you for all your hard work and wonderful advice in handling my DWI charge in Manchester District Court. As you know, I received an overwhelming number of recommendations to you, John. You are an unbelievable DWI lawyer who got my DWI case dismissed and for that I am forever grateful. Your client always.


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I was charged with DWI subsequent in Jaffrey District Court in NH. The state brought in a drug recognition expert to testify that I was under the influence of drugs. I hired John Tenn. He challenged every aspect of the case and all of the state's evidence. Ultimately the DWI charge was dropped! John was also successful in winning my administrative license suspension. I was facing a three year loss of license until I hired John Tenn. Attorney Tenn was the best lawyer I could have asked for. I would recommend him to anyone facing a DWI in New Hampshire.