Motorcycle Accidents
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Bikers We've Helped

NH Motorcycle Collision LawyersBikers We've HelpedMotorcycle Accidents, Severe Leg InjuryBikers We've Helped

Our client, a 52 year old male, was traveling on I-93 North when he was struck by a motor vehicle attempting to make an improper U-turn. He was airlifted to a Boston hospital for emergency medical attention for his injuries, which included a severe fracture and laceration of his leg. He received medical care which consisted of multiple surgeries, physical therapy, rehabilitation and wound management. His injury resulted in a permanent disability. This case settled before suit for $2,250,000.

Motorcycle Accidents, Road Rash

Our client, a 36 year old male firefighter, was lawfully operating his motorcycle when he was cut off by another vehicle. He swerved to avoid hitting the vehicle, and in so doing, was thrown off his motorcycle and violently crashed to the ground. Fortunately, he broke no bones but, he did sustain severe road rash on his right lower leg. A New Hampshire motorcycle accident lawsuit was filed, experts were hired to explain to the jury the cause of the collision and the damages sustained by our client. The case settled for a significant amount of money before the jury trial began and our client received compensation for the damage to his motorcycle, for his pain and suffering, his scarring, his lost wages, and enough money to hire a plastic surgeon to minimize the scarring to his leg.

Motorcycle Accidents, Traumatic Brain Injury

Our client, a 45 year old male, was traveling through a busy intersection in Nashua, NH, when he was struck by a motor vehicle attempting to “beat the light”. The impact was so severe that our client was ejected from his motorcycle and hit the pavement approximately 20 feet further down the road. Our client sustained a traumatic brain injury and underwent more than eight (8) months of speech training and physical therapy. We were successful in recovering the maximum insurance policy limits from the other driver's automobile insurance, and in addition, obtained additional compensation for our client directly from the at fault driver, above and beyond the limits of his insurance.

Motorcycle Accidents, Facial Injuries

Our client, a 42 year old female hairdresser was a passenger on a motorcycle being operated by her boyfriend. As a result of her boyfriend's inattention, he drove off the roadway and she crashed violently to the ground. We successfully recovered for her full compensation for her injuries, as well as her lost wages.

Motorcycle Accidents, Severe Road Rash

Our client, a 20 year old college student was a passenger on a Suzuki motorcycle being driven by her boyfriend. Both driver and passenger were wearing shorts and flip flops and neither was wearing any safety gear, including long pants, leather jackets or helmets. The driver decided to attempt a wheelie and in so doing, ejected our client from the back of his motorcycle. She sustained significant road rash to her lower extremities including her right leg. After approximately one year, her road rash resolved, but she did require minor plastic surgery to minimize the discoloration. She settled for the full limit of her boyfriend's $25,000 insurance policy. Our client did not have any underinsured motorist coverage of her own.

Motorcycle Accidents, Broken Ribs

Our client, a 60 year old maintenance supervisor was severely injured when his Vulcan motorcycle was struck broadside by an inattentive motorist. He sustained five broken ribs and a deep lung bruise. His injuries required very limited medical care and attention, but did require substantial amounts of bed rest. Our client settled his case for the full amount of the insurance limits available under the at-fault driver's policy, which monies compensated him for the pain, suffering and lost wages he sustained as a result of the motorcycle collision.

Motorcycle Accidents, Non-Displaced Pelvis Fracture

Our client, an 18 year old physical trainer was thrown from his motorcycle, flipping over the handlebars and landing on the pavement, after a motorist failed to yield the right-of-way. He was transported by ambulance to a local medical facility and diagnosed as sustaining a non-displaced fractured pelvis. After his pelvis healed, our client received chiropractic care for his low back pain for approximately eight weeks. He settled his case prior to filing a lawsuit. His settlement not only included compensation for pain and suffering and his lost wages, but also paid for the damages to his motorcycle.

Motorcycle Accidents, Severe Neck Strain

On a clear and dry November day, our client was driving his motorcycle through the downtown area when an uninsured motorist failed to stop at a posted stop sign causing our client to swerve his motorcycle in an attempt to avoid a head-on collision. Our client was thrown off his motorcycle and to the ground. He sustained severe neck strain which prevented him from returning to his job at Anheuser-Busch, where he was employed as a warehouse manager. After approximately 16 weeks of physical therapy, his injuries completely resolved and he received a full and fair settlement from his own motorcycle insurance company because the driver who caused the collision carried no automobile insurance coverage.

Motorcycle Accidents, Post-Concussive Syndrome

Our client was driving his brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle when a motorist turned directly into the path of his travel, causing him to crash head-on into her car. He was propelled over the car, into the air and crashed violently to the pavement. He was rushed to the local emergency room for medical care and attention and was diagnosed as sustaining a minor closed head injury. As a result of his injury, he suffered from severe headaches for approximately 12 weeks. The subsequent diagnosis was post-concussive syndrome and minor closed head injury. He settled his motorcycle accident case with the at-fault driver, after filing a lawsuit, but before presenting his case to a jury. To this day, our client insists on always wearing a helmet when riding his motorcycle. Fortunately, his injuries did not cause any permanent or lasting damage.

Motorcycle Accidents, Shoulder Injuries

Our client was riding his motorcycle in Londonderry, New Hampshire when a truck suddenly pulled out in front of him. Our client braked hard to avoid the truck, but despite his best efforts, was hit by the truck and thrown off his motorcycle onto the ground. To add insult to injury, the truck driver had no automobile insurance. Our client underwent months of physical therapy to resolve his shoulder injuries. Ultimately, he had surgery to repair his torn rotator cuff. Our client incurred significant medical bills and lost wages resulting from his NH motorcycle accident.

Our client sought legal assistance from the motorcycle accident attorneys at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. Attorney Tenn brought a New Hampshire uninsured motorist claim against our client's own motorcycle policy, because the at-fault driver did not have any automobile insurance against which to bring a claim. Attorney Tenn successfully settled our client's claim for approximately Ninety Thousand Dollars ($90,000). Our client received compensation for his medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and his motorcycle property damage.

Motorcycle Rear-Ended, Torn Meniscus Knee Injury

On a sunny day in August, 2010, Paul was riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle through the town of Bedford, New Hampshire. While stopped at a traffic light, Paul was struck from behind on his motorcycle by a woman who was not paying attention. Paul sustained significant injuries to his knee including a meniscal tear. Paul underwent surgery to repair the torn meniscus and treated with months of painful physical therapy to rehabilitate his knee. In the eight (8) months following the motorcycle accident, Paul incurred significant medical bills.

A claim was brought by the NH Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. on Paul's behalf against the negligent driver who struck him from behind. Compensation was sought for Paul's motorcycle damage, lost wages, medical bills, and for the permanent disability he sustained to his right knee. Attorney Tenn settled Paul's case prior to presentment to a jury for approximately One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000). Following Paul's settlement award, Attorney Tenn negotiated Paul's outstanding medical bills to minimize the repayment amount, which in turn, helped maximize Paul's in-pocket financial recovery.

Client Reviews
Attorney Tenn obtained a significant financial resolution which covered all the medical bills and provided significant compensation for my wife's injuries. If you need the best personal injury lawyers in NH, Tenn And Tenn has our highest endorsement. Paul H.