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Are you considering a pre-nuptial review or high asset divorce? Divorce is simply defined as "a judicial declaration dissolving marriage in whole or in part." However, divorce is not as clear cut as its definition may imply. Divorce can involve lengthy proceedings, the majority of which center around distribution of assets, alimony payments, and child custody. In cases where assets are significant, it is essential to have an attorney on your side who is experienced in successfully handling divorce cases involving high assets. At Tenn And Tenn, we understand that divorce is a difficult enough period to get through in one’s life, so we'll handle all the details of the case to ensure that you receive an equitable outcome in your case. Our confidence, skill and experience will help you navigate the process with much more peace of mind.

Common areas of contention in a high asset divorce are:

  • Retirement accounts, including pensions and 401ks
  • Shares of stock and other stakes in businesses
  • Art, antique, firearm, jewelry, coin or other valuable collections
  • Vacation or multi-property ownership distributions
  • Spousal support (alimony) and/or child support
  • Validity of the terms under which a pre-nuptial agreement was decided upon

A pre-nuptial agreement is defined as "a written contract between two people who are about to marry, setting out the terms of possession of assets, treatment of future earnings, control of the property of each, and potential division if the marriage is later dissolved. These agreements are fairly common if either or both parties have accumulated substantial assets prior to marriage, have children from a prior marriage, have existing or potential inheritances, earn high incomes, or have been "taken" by a prior spouse." A pre-nuptial agreement can simplify divorce proceedings, clarifying exactly where assets are to be allocated so as to avoid extended argument and litigation. However, many people sign pre-nuptial agreements without truly understanding the consequences, or end up feeling differently about the agreement in the years ahead.

In some cases, pre-nuptial agreements can be challenged on the basis that either:

  1. There was not a full disclosure of income and/or assets in the original agreement
  2. The agreement was unreasonably inequitable or unfair from the start
  3. Both parties were represented by the same counsel, who may have acted in bias and favored one party over the other
  4. Proper procedure was not followed in the creation of the pre-nuptial agreement

Challenging a pre-nuptial agreement can be accomplished if the circumstances, factors, and skill of the attorney representing you are all the right fit. High asset divorces are a particular situation that require the utmost excellence in legal representation and forensic accounting analysis. If a pre-nuptial agreement is no longer an option or needs to be challenged, and divorce proceedings are imminent, don't hesitate to call the NH divorce lawyers atTenn And Tenn, P.A.We have decades of experience to adeptly handle a difficult situation for you and we can provide you with a free consultation regarding your New Hampshire pre-nuptial review or divorce case. We guarantee to handle your concerns with the utmost in discretion and skill.

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