Field Sobriety Tests

NH DWI Field Sobriety TestsField Sobriety Tests: Not the "Simon Says" You Remember

A NH DWI stop can result from a myriad of reasons. A law enforcement officer may spot you swerving, speeding or not following traffic signs or posted speed limits. Aside from his observation of your driving, he may note your physical appearance as being disheveled, he may smell alcohol on your breath, or detect red and glassy eyes or slurred. The officer may then administer field sobriety tests to confirm his suspicions.

Police Officer Says "Touch Your Nose"

Administering field sobriety tests can imitate a popular child's game, Simon Says, whereby following the verbal instructions of "Simon," or a leader, will keep you in the game and failing to do so will yield you "out." During a field sobriety test, a police officer gives you verbal instructions that may include walking in a straight line, touching your nose with your finger while your eyes are closed or standing on one leg and counting out loud. If you fail any of these tests, he may ask you to either take a breathalyzer test or provide a urine or blood sample to determine the level of blood alcohol concentration. In other words, you're "out."

If the police officer's hunch was right and you took and failed the field sobriety tests, then you were probably arrested and charged with DWI. The NH DWI lawyers at Tenn and Tenn, P.A. understand the law surrounding field sobriety tests and may question the police officer's training or ask to see proof of his training in administering the test or reporting the results. In fact, our DWI lawyers are certified in administering the standardized field sobriety test. Our skilled New Hampshire DWI lawyers will investigate whether field conditions or your fevered state and health, cause you to "fail" those field sobriety tests.

Don't let being called "out" dictate your next step. Contact the experienced lawyers at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. protect your rights under the law. Call us today for a free and confidential case evaluation at 1-888-511-1010.

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