Construction Accidents

New Hampshire Construction Accident Lawyers

Just take a look around your city and you’ll see how prevalent the construction industry is in this country. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most dangerous sectors of our economy – and even a momentary construction accident can cause a lifetime of pain and suffering for its victim. Read on for more information on construction accidents and your rights.

New Hampshire construction accidents have myriad causes, ranging from electrocution from open wires to explosions or fires to falling equipment to slip and fall injuries and more. Though their causes vary widely, the effects can be brutal for all involved – often, the victim must not only miss work, but will accrue significant medical bills related to their paralysis, brain injury, burns, disfigurement, broken bones, etc. Prognoses vary from patient to patient, but all too many workers injured in construction accidents find themselves in need of vocational or other rehabilitation in order to return to a productive role in the economy.

Workers rightfully rely on their employers to create a safe working environment. Unfortunately, lack of training, miscalibrated or poorly maintained equipment, and plain user error can cause unforeseen problems and present a significant risk to workers. The law allows the victim of a construction accident caused by someone else’s negligence or lack of care to legally seek remedies in the form of monetary damages designed to offset the costs of medical treatment, rehabilitation, ongoing care, and even compensate for pain and suffering and lost wages.

Unfortunately, too many workers are scared away from legal action by fear for their jobs or of the legal system. At Tenn And Tenn, P.A., we understand that your ability to fight and win a construction accident lawsuit in New Hampshire depends on the strength of your legal team. That’s why we’ve assembled a team known for getting results. Our office has the resources to thoroughly investigate, research, and prosecute your case, navigating the complex court systems without worry or fear. Better yet, we specialize in results – results that are demonstrated in our long track record and our stellar reputation.

Do you think you have a valid New Hampshire construction accident lawsuit? Your time to file could be limited; contact an experienced New Hampshire construction injury lawyer at Tenn And Tenn, P.A. immediately to help protect your rights. Our toll-free injury helpline is 1.888.511.1010. All consultations are free of charge.

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