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New Hampshire Commercial Litigation Attorneys

The nuances of commercial litigation can challenge even the most agile business minds. For instance, the rules governing how stockholders ought to interface with corporate boards alone could fill several volumes. Litigated commercial matters in New Hampshire can involve both public and private sector companies and focus not only on how businesses interact with each other but also how they're individually structured and financed.

If you need help dissolving a partnership, setting up a corporation, franchising a business, litigating a merger, or overseeing the implementation of a new contract for your limited liability corporation, you can count on Tenn And Tenn, P.A. to assist strategically focused services. Our advocates bring a passion for detail and excess of preparation to each matter.

We understand that drawn-out commercial litigation can be expensive and wasteful, even to a plaintiff seeking redress. Thus, our advocates can opt for alternative dispute resolution methods and other forms of mediation to ensure that you and your company get the best possible representation -- while maximizing your investment in our services.

Although we are deeply schooled in the rules of New Hampshire commercial litigation and we have fought and won many hard-contested and complicated matters, we understand how important it is to bring in outside experts to assist with certain technical matters. We provide the big law firm benefits while delivering a personal, client-focused approach.

We invite you to schedule a free consultation with one of our NH commercial litigation attorneys today to learn more about how our commercial litigation skills and philosophy can help you. We are happy to provide references and testimonials from satisfied clients, and you can browse this website to learn more about John J. Tenn, James J. Tenn. Jr., Mary Elizabeth Tenn, and the rest of the Tenn And Tenn, P.A. team. E-mail us to set up your consultation, or dial 1.888.511.1010.

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Jim is an excellent and very thorough divorce attorney who examined every possible aspect of my case. I found his knowledge of the law and his courtroom capabilities to be outstanding. He deserves the reputation that he has as one of New Hampshire Super Lawyers. It is very comforting having an attorney whom you can trust during difficult personal issues. Jim Tenn is that lawyer. Thank you for all your help Jim. Anne
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