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Alternative Dispute Resolution

New Hampshire Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR")Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution, also known as ADR, involves settling contested matters outside the court system. If you are considering bringing action against another person or institution for personal injury, fraud, malpractice, or any other criminal or civil matter, you might consider alternative dispute resolution to speed up the settlement process and avoid long and costly drawn-out legal back and forth.

One of the most common forms of ADR is negotiation. In this process, the disputing parties work out an arrangement without the influence of a mediator or other third party.

In mediation, a court-approved mediator in New Hampshire enters the process and assists the parties with their discussion. Mediators do not have the power to compel parties to resolve their disputes one way or another.

In a collaborative resolution, opposing attorneys (and sometimes independent experts) work together to settle complex matters. For instance, in divorce proceedings in which many assets and instruments must be divided up, parties often use collaborative resolution (which is non-binding) to evolve a final consensus.

A final type of alternative dispute resolution is arbitration. In this variation of ADR, a Judge or other appointed official resolves the points of contention and compels a resolution. There are different types of arbitration (e.g. binding and non-binding), but in general the process is designed to avoid further legal wrangling.

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