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In the United States, the right to a fair trial includes the fundamental principle that all criminal defendants are innocent until proven guilty in court. Since 1995, the New Hampshire DWI lawyers at Tenn And Tenn, P.A., have fought hard to protect our clients’ constitutional rights. If you have been accused of a DWI/DUI or another crime in New Hampshire, call Tenn And Tenn to learn how we can help. We have experience in both the Circuit and Superior Courts of New Hampshire, and have won big victories for our clients.

We Handle a Variety of Criminal Cases

At Tenn And Tenn, our experienced New Hampshire DWI lawyers understand that a good defense strategy, a thorough examination of the facts, and an intimate knowledge of the law is the best way to obtain success. We prepare each and every matter for trial. With more than 20 years’ defense experience, our understanding of criminal law runs deep. Although DUIs are some of the most common criminal charges we handle, our attorneys also defend against a myriad of other criminal charges. We handle a wide spectrum of criminal defense matters including drug possession, simple assault, transporting alcohol, conduct after an accident, and reckless driving, among other charges. If you are facing a violation or misdemeanor offense, let us protect your rights. A good defense strategy increases the chances of receiving a lesser charge, a favorable plea deal, or an outright dismissal of your case.

New Hampshire DUI Legal Limit of .08 Percent BAC

New Hampshire, like most states, limits a driver’s legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to .08 percent. If you drive a car, ride a motorcycle, or otherwise operate a vehicle with a BAC of .08 percent or more, you face arrest and prosecution for DUI. Although alcohol affects everyone differently, it can take as few as one or two drinks to reach a BAC of .08 percent. The BAC limits for underage drivers and commercial drivers is even lower.

If a police officer pulls you over and suspects that you have been drinking, he may ask you to submit to a chemical test to determine your BAC. The most common of these is an Intoxilyzer 5000 breath test. Because of New Hampshire’s implied consent law, you must take the test if you want to avoid automatic penalties. If you refuse to submit to chemical testing, your license will be automatically suspended from six months to two years, depending on your prior motor vehicle history. Our New Hampshire DWI attorneys are certified breath test instrument operators, and have a comprehensive understanding of the Intoxilyzer 5000 and its weaknesses.

The Punishment for a DWI/DUI Conviction Can Be Harsh

One of the most common questions asked is what kind of punishment will I be facing if convicted of a DUI in New Hampshire? The penalties for a DWI conviction vary from case to case, but generally depend on a few significant factors, including:

  • Number of previous DWI/DUIs;
  • The driver’s BAC concentration;
  • Whether another person was injured;
  • Whether there was an accident that damaged property; or
  • The speed the defendant’s car was traveling.

These are just some of the issues that will affect the penalties imposed. Penalties for an Aggravated DWI, or second or subsequent DWI can include:

  • Mandatory jail time;
  • Fines from $500 to $2,000, plus court costs;
  • A suspended driver license for a minimum of six months up to an indefinite period;
  • SR-22 insurance;
  • A court-mandated ignition interlock device installed in the car;
  • Mandatory drug and alcohol screening;
  • Completion of a driver education program; and
  • Participation in an Impaired Driver Care Management Program.

Having an experienced DUI attorney by your side is critically important when the stakes are high. If you have been accused of DUI in New Hampshire, call Tenn And Tenn right away to discuss your charges.

Trust Your Criminal Case to Experienced Lawyers

Whether you have been charged with a DWI/DUI or another crime, the New Hampshire criminal defense lawyers at Tenn And Tenn are here to protect your Constitutional and legal rights. Call (603) 624-3700 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation with an attorney from Tenn And Tenn, P.A. Let us help you get your life back on track and put your arrest behind you.

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